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If unprepared, Sales - the lifeblood of the company and typically the least defined functional area - will suffer the most.  Opportunities are missed, time and money are wasted, windows of opportunity close, processes are overhauled and retooled, sales leaders turn over and a recurring cycle of churn begins.  Leaders find themselves spread thin, emotionally exhausted and living in an out-of-control sales environment.  

The cause of this challenge?  
You can’t scale the individual heroics and random events that created the original success of the company! 

Early success in almost every company can be attributed to a single characteristic - the individual heroics and passion of the founder(s) and early stakeholders.  Following early success however there is a transitional period of growth - The Crucible - that has the the potential to derail progress, reshape the companies DNA and reduce the market opportunity. 

The Crucible Croup helps growth companies scale the sales organization by providing a baseline of topical understanding, frameworks, tools, consulting, approaches, training and best practices based on how successful companies execute and perform.  

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