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Compressing The Crucible

Whether 10 employees or 1000, compressing The Crucible requires the navigation of an overwhelming number of operational decisions and investments in the sales workstreams that are imperative to scale for growth.


Workstreams are topics, initiatives and processes that represent the strategic "what to do" and the tactical "how to do it".  Workstreams can be one-time initiatives or agile topics that are regularly refined.  Technology workstreams can be both and intersect almost all other topics.  

Organizations that attack the Crucible proactively, efficiently, in proper context and order, and with the correct topical expertise dramatically increase their chances for success.  Reactive organizations with limited expertise get caught in "topical churn" repeating initiatives, wasting money and energy.    

Leaders can take solace in the knowledge that the Crucible can be predictable:  

  • Each workstream represents the potential for a significant competitive advantage

  • While workstreams vary between companies and industry, there are common themes, natural clusters and proven sequences of events that add order to the chaos

  • The market rewards companies that get it right

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