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Who We Help

Sales Leaders. The overwhelming responsibility - and it can truly be overwhelming - to pull the company through the Crucible falls on the shoulders of the sales leader.  And, while juggling all of these topics, the sales leader is expected to continue to excel at their primary job - growing sales!  We align ourselves with the goals of sales leadership and help augment their bandwidth by taking some of the sales enablement responsibilities off of their plate.

Owners, Founders, Executive Leadership.  We help resolve, "I don't know what I don't know" by providing context, data, guidance and topical knowledge to boost leadership confidence that sales and sales enablement initiatives are being executed in the best possible manner to maximize organizational potential.

Investors.  We help investors understand the keys to sales success in the context of each unique business's current state, market opportunity and external best practices.  We also provide due diligence services to benchmark a portfolio candidate's sales & sales enablement footprint. 

Mike's the guy that I always turn to for guidance on anything related to sales ops and training.

      Greg Dickinson                   Founder/CEO Hiperos

Mike  understands how to distill a complicated message into a narrative that resonates with customers.  He understands sales performance inside and  out!

     Brad Davis

     CEO, Airwavz Solutions

Mike is a pragmatic and driven sales leader with a broad set of skills for start-up, growth and enterprise stage organizations.

                                                     Mark McDowell

       Partner, Real Ventures

Mike has been very helpful to me and my team in working with entrepreneurs on the viability of proposed business plans.

                                                     Byron Hicks

       Director, NC Small              Business Technology          Development Center

Mike has worked in so many different sales environments and has such extensive experience.  His ability to connect with customers has helped us so many times. 

         Dan Hines


Mike's a sales guy at heart.  And a good one. He is great in front of the customer, always adds value and  is especially good helping our less experienced reps.

        Kevin Egan

        Head of N. American         Sales, Slack


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